How to implement a many-to-many relationship using Linq to Sql ?

In this article, I will show one possible solution to implement many-to-many relationship using Linq to Sql. Let’s begin with some definitions and what Linq to Sql offers. A “many to many” relationship between two entities defines a kind of bi-directional “one to many” relationship for each of the entities. In this very well-known example,…


Anonymous methods: how to factorize surrounding statements like try-catch

  Here is the translation of one of my old french articles at a moment when I was trying to find what I could do with anonymous methods :p ! Here is the idea: Let’s imagine we would like to centralize exception management. In numerous program (like windows API), a classical solution consist in implementing methods…


How to simulate modal windows inside a single WPF window using anonymous methods ?

Introduction In our windows applications we are commonly using modal windows. Let’s remind the idea. Using windows forms, once a window is created, we can choose to show it in a modal manner (form.ShowDialog()). The window then becomes THE front window between all the other windows of our application. Moreover, all the other windows seem…


WPF Book Control demo via ClickOnce!

Following my previous post, here is an easy to deploy clickonce version: Thanks to Tim Sneath for this idea and the hosting. Mitsu


WPF Book control

[Update: WPFBookControl now available on codeplex:] After a long time of work on my free time here is finally a first version of the flip page demo ( I have created a WPF control so every one can use it easilly. It’s an ItemsControl. You can add any kind of items to the ‘Items’…


Why iterators are better than collections

Introduction In many languages, we are using collections to manage groups of objects. We are using collections as well in data access layers as in frameworks, components or UI layers. The .Net framework itself is using a hugh number of collections. Today we call a collection, a class that can store a list of elements…


Flip page demo using WPF

[Update: source code available here]  Let’s have a little fun using WPF ! In this very short post, I am just giving you a preview of a page flip control that I am working on. The algorithm is mixing C# code and WPF 2D transformations and clipping. Once again, using WPF, we have all the…


Linq to bits !

Following my previous post, let’s see how to extend Linq to bits… To have a good understanding of what I am working on in this post, it’s highly recommended to read my previous post: Enumerating Enums. In fact, this is part II. Using Linq natural extensions to enumerations we have all the benefits of methods…


Enumerating Enums

In this post i will expose a little solution to make it more easy to read different values stored in a single enum instance. This sample is written in C# 2.0 using iterators and operator overriding. Let’s use a simple enum definition: [Flags] public enum Day { None = 0, Monday = 1, Tuesday = 2,…


First post

Hi all, My name is Mitsuru FURUTA. I am working for Microsoft FRANCE as a Developer Evangelist from 2003. From sept 04, I am posting on my french blog about Microsoft technologies and french events. Since PDC 2005, I got specialized on Linq and WPF and I wanted to share my experiences with people all over…