Show your Flickr pictures in a Silverlight book

Here is a control that everybody can easily use. This allow you to display Flickr pictures in a blog post or in any web page.

For example this set of pictures (, taken by my friend Benjamin during Paris Remix 08 can be browsed just here in this post.

Now, how to get this on your own web page/blog ? There is just a few steps to follow and here is a video that explains how to do it :

Go to this page to configure your own control:

Full code source will be released very soon.

Comments (15)

  1. L’idée est simple, fournir une application Silverlight qui se connecte dynamiquement à un compte Flickr

  2. Mitsu's blog says:

    I have just finished converting the control to silverlight one week away from Silverlight 2 beta 2 release

  3. jjwu says:

    when will you open your source?

  4. GiGI says:

    Is your control still working with 2.0 final release?

  5. Mike says:

    This was working for me before, but is not any more.  I was using the book control to display flickr photos. Was there a change or something?

  6. Mitsu Furuta says:

    Yes, I was waiting for to update to SL2. It’s been updated recently. I will update my source code asap.

  7. Mike says:

    Awesome! You rock!  Thanks so much. 🙂

  8. Mitsu's blog says:

    You can now find the Silverlight 2 RTM version of this pageturn control, still here on codeplex :

  9. Vous pouvez désormais trouver le contrôle PageTurn en Silverlight 2 RTM, toujours sur codeplex :

  10. Tom says:

    Can mediaelements playing video be placed in the book control and turned with the page surface while playing video?  I tried it and the video goes away and the sound keeps on playing.  Is there any other way to place live video on the pages?



  11. M.Yousry says:

    Hello and thanks in the same time 🙂

    i want to achieve turning page effect in Blend but for WPF application not silver light

    would you plz help me to find this out

  12. Mike says:

    Looks like this needs to be updated again since the newer versions of Silverlight have been released.  Sure wish the changes that MS makes to Silverlight would still allow earlier version apps to still work.

  13. Rubén López says:

    Hello, i have worked with your app, but suddenly was failing, the book works well, but the controls and the zoom dont work. I need more videos for start mi app please, do you can do?

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