Silverlight 2.0 Flippage prototype


Code is coming very soon..
[Update]: code is now available here !


Move the mouse cursor around the corners

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  1. Ca dechire!!!!

    Vive le surf et la super music!

  2. Alex Black says:

    I’m having trouble seeing it.. 🙁

    After installing Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1, and hitting refresh, I get:


    Windows Internet Explorer


    Silverlight error message    

    ErrorCode: 5014

    ErrorType: ParserError      

    Message: illegal xml character    

    XamlFile: SLMitsuControls.xap    

    Line: 1    

    Position: 3    




    I’m on Vista Business x64.

  3. Yo13 says:

    When could we expect the source code?

  4. Mitsu Furuta says:

    @Alex: I think you have to close your browser and open a new one. Then go back to

    @Yo13: I hope to deliver the source in one or two weeks. It will be less ‘clean’ than the WPF version. It will be a user control instead of an ItemsControl.

  5. yo13 says:

    Thanks for the fast answer. Looking forward to the source code :)))

  6. Mitsu Furuta says:

    ..I have finished the conversion. Code is coming very soon.

  7. Andre says:

    We are exitedly waiting for the code…

    Thanx in advance.

  8. Allen says:

    When could we expect the source code?

  9. andy says:

    Hi Mitsu,

    i have downloaded this and added it in my silverlight 2 application. But it throws error "Element already present in your code".

    Could you please explain?

  10. Mitsu Furuta says:

    Hi Andy,

    Can you give me more details about what you are trying to do ?

  11. mallikarjun says:

    hi mitsu when i am using user code i got this problem can you solve it plz and i am new to silverligh and wpf

    Error 2 ‘local’ is an undeclared namespace. Line 14, position 10. C:Documents and SettingsuserMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2008ProjectssbooksbookPage.xaml 14 10 sbook

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