3D with Silverlight 2.0 ?

Just a short informative post: David Catuhe, a french MVP from south of France is demoing a Silverlight 3D engine preview...



His company 'Vertice' is selling the Nova product (a full .Net 3D engine based on Managed DX).

You can find some awesome demos here: http://www.vertice.fr/

Comments (6)

  1. Michael Sync says:

    hey man, that’s so cool…

    Is that cross-browser? can you tell me how to use it?

  2. mahesh says:

    nothing is loading on the screen when i checked the link.?

  3. Welcome to the forty-second issue of Community Convergence. The last few weeks have been a busy time.

  4. Ivana says:

    The only tool i found to build 3d is swift v5 but there are no trials 🙁 is there any other tool?

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