WPF ObjectDumper and Linq to Sql deferred loading

Video: WPF Object dumper demo The official C# 3.0 samples are providing a very useful ObjectDumper class that allows displaying any kind of object on the console output. All the child properties are also displayed and you can even define how deep you want to go through child properties. In this sample, I will show…


Playing with Linq grouping: GroupByMany ?

Linq is a great technology to manage data directly from your .Net language. One of its features is grouping. Many people understand grouping like it is defined in Sql. Linq is implementing grouping quite the same way. Let’s discover this syntax and how to make consecutive groups easier. Then we will show how to use…


Project Astoria December CTP is out!

http://blogs.msdn.com/pablo/archive/2007/12/10/project-astoria-december-ctp-is-out.aspx I am only using this blog to post technical articles but that one is too much interesting.Astoria, officially named as “ADO.NET Data Services framework” is the kind of product that I love. It’s using the best APIs we have today to build something useful, powerful and simple at the same time ! You can…


Prime number product using Linq

Linq is SO FUN !!! I have read this article from a french developer about Linq used to find the list of all the prime numbers < n : http://blogs.developpeur.org/raptorxp/archive/2007/11/26/quizz-linq-la-liste-des-nombres-premiers-en-3-clauses.aspx Here is another sample: let’s try to find the prime number product of an integer: ex: 504 = 2 * 2 * 2 * 3…


Source updated for VS2008 RTM: how to implement a many-to-many relationship using Linq to Sql ?

Just a short post to tell that I have replaced the source code with the VS2008 RTM version :http://blogs.msdn.com/mitsu/archive/2007/06/21/how-to-implement-a-many-to-many-relationship-using-linq-to-sql.aspx To answer to some people having issues, this solution allows to browse between entities using a many-to-many relationship with code or databinding but not to use this relationship in a linq query !! Mitsu  


WPFBookControl on codeplex

To answer to many requests, I have added some new features on my WPFBookControl. As my blog is not the perfect place to maintain a project, I have created a codeplex project. http://www.codeplex.com/wpfbookcontrol Mitsu


How to implement a many-to-many relationship using Linq to Sql ?

In this article, I will show one possible solution to implement many-to-many relationship using Linq to Sql. Let’s begin with some definitions and what Linq to Sql offers. A “many to many” relationship between two entities defines a kind of bi-directional “one to many” relationship for each of the entities. In this very well-known example,…


Anonymous methods: how to factorize surrounding statements like try-catch

  Here is the translation of one of my old french articles at a moment when I was trying to find what I could do with anonymous methods :p ! Here is the idea: Let’s imagine we would like to centralize exception management. In numerous program (like windows API), a classical solution consist in implementing methods…


How to simulate modal windows inside a single WPF window using anonymous methods ?

Introduction In our windows applications we are commonly using modal windows. Let’s remind the idea. Using windows forms, once a window is created, we can choose to show it in a modal manner (form.ShowDialog()). The window then becomes THE front window between all the other windows of our application. Moreover, all the other windows seem…


WPF Book Control demo via ClickOnce!

Following my previous post, here is an easy to deploy clickonce version: http://wpf.netfx3.com/direct/wpfbookcontrol/publish.htm Thanks to Tim Sneath for this idea and the hosting. Mitsu