Version Control 2010 Upgrade Hotfix Published

Recently, I blogged about an issue in the TFS 2010 upgrade that affected the contents of labels and merge relationships.  If you have not yet upgraded to TFS 2010, the hotfix is now available and is highly recommended to be applied before configuring your team project collections.  The hotfix has been published on MSDN Code Gallery – find it here:

Because this hotfix applies to the upgrade of version control content, it must be applied after TFS 2010 setup is complete, but before configuration is started.  At the end of the setup experience, the Success screen is shown (see below), indicating the completion of the installation.  Normally, users would continue on to the configuration experience, but in this case, the process needs to be cancelled by un-checking the “Launch Team Foundation Server Configuration Tool” box, which will enable the Cancel button.


After exiting setup, the hotfix executable can be run to update the upgrade steps. Once the hotfix is installed, the TFS Configuration Wizard will need to be re-launched from the Start Menu to complete the upgrade process.  As a reference, I’ve shown the welcome screen for the Configuration Wizard.  If you get to this screen and haven’t applied the hotfix yet, cancel out of the wizard and apply the hotfix.


Comments (6)

  1. Dez says:

    What if you are going to use TfsConfig import… to upgrade a TFS 2008 instance. Will the hotfix work as long as you apply it before running the import?

  2. Yes.  The hotfix updates shared upgrade steps used by both tfsconfig import and the upgrade config wizard.

  3. Jørn Floor Andersen says:

    Hi Matt

    The upgrade patch says "x86" in it's name. Can I use it for patching a 64-bit installation upgrade?


  4. Simon B says:

    Have installed on 64bit Windows 2008 R2(With SQL Server 2008 R2 standard installed),

    Follow the instuctions except the TFS Configuration Wizard is nowhere to be seen on the Start Menu,

    Is there a way to call this manually.

  5. This HotFix came as part of my Team Foundation Server ISO … FYI … you may not need it. 🙂

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