Dogfooding the TFS Integration Platform

Late last night, we published updates to the TFS Integration Platform on CodePlex.  In addition to these changes containing new features, numerous bug fixes, and documentation refreshes, the updates marked the beginning of the dogfooding effort to sync our internal server to the TFS server used for the CodePlex project.  We’ve already been dogfooding the platform internally to sync two production TFS servers, and this is now another example of our commitment to dogfooding. 

To get the latest source code or to see the contents of the updates, check out the Source Code section of the project.  You’ll also notice additions in the changeset comments (see below) that are added by the tool as it migrates the changesets from our release branch to the CodePlex project.  It’s really nice to be able to automate our updates to CodePlex and dogfood our tools at the same time!


If you have any questions or feedback on the TFS Integration Platform, be sure to visit our forum and let us know.

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