Source Control Explorer Extension

I came across a very cool extension for Source Control Explorer today, and thought it was worth sharing more broadly.  The TFSSCExplorerExtension is hosted on Visual Studio Gallery, and it adds a number of very useful features: Move to Folder – Allows multiple items to be moved at once in SCE Branch to Folder –…


Professional Team Foundation Server 2010

This week I received my copy of one of the latest books on TFS: Professional Team Foundation Server 2010.  This book is a great reference for anyone that is working with TFS and is looking for more deep knowledge on setup, administration, advanced branching and merging, migration, build automation, work item tracking, and more.  Authors…


TFS Guide for SVN users

Ed Hintz just posted a great guide for former SVN users that are moving to TFS.  He covers a bit of the conceptual differences, and produced a table mapping the most common SVN commands to their equivalent TFS commands. Check it out here:


Customizing Check-in Actions in your Process Template

In my last post, I told users about a client side hack that we added to change the default check-in action from “Resolve” to “Associate”.  Most of the time I’ve heard questions about this, it is because a team has customized their process template to no longer include the Resolve state or adopted a template…


How To: Make “Associate” the default action for work items

I’ve heard this one a lot lately from many people, so I felt it was time to share more broadly.  While there is no way to do this in the UI in TFS 2010, there is a registry key that we added late in our release cycle to allow users to configure the default work…


TFS Integration Tools Released on Visual Studio Gallery

Over the weekend, our team released the first fully supported version of the Team Foundation Server Integration Tools.  This suite of tools has been developed by the TFS product group with help from the Visual Studio ALM Rangers to provide a comprehensive package to help teams that are migrating from 3rd party ALM tools to…


Tips when creating a workspace

I’ve been working with our content team to help publish some guidance on MSDN around using workspaces.  To date, it has been one of the biggest points of confusion for users that are new to TFS, so we made a point to create new topics with those points of confusion in mind.  While we’re still…


How do I find the history for a renamed folder in TFS 2010?

I came across this question while responding to some customer suggestions, so I thought I should make the answer easy to find should others be wondering the same thing… In the UI, history of folders is recursive – always.  This is because most of the time, users care about the history of the contents of…


Version Control 2010 Upgrade Hotfix Published

Recently, I blogged about an issue in the TFS 2010 upgrade that affected the contents of labels and merge relationships.  If you have not yet upgraded to TFS 2010, the hotfix is now available and is highly recommended to be applied before configuring your team project collections.  The hotfix has been published on MSDN Code…


Version Control Upgrade KB Article Published

Today we published a KB article for a recently discovered issue when upgrading from TFS 2005/2008 to TFS 2010.  This issue exhibits symptoms in both merge and labels – from the KB: Labels that were created before the upgrade are entirely empty.  Labels could be also have incorrect contents. The merge wizard in Visual Studio…