MDBG ver 2.1 released

Today we released the latest version of the managed debugger - MDbg. For the past few days, we've been scampering around to get this sample built, tested and released in time for Thanksgiving. Finally here we are - MDBG ver 2.1.

Among other things, the new sample includes -

  • Tons of bug fixes (duh).

  • An extension for IronPython. This is the stuff that I am most excited about (Please note that this python extension does not build by default. You'd need to download IronPython bins and add references. But once you do that....... 🙂 ).

  • A PDB to XML (and vice-versa) conversion tool.

  • Managed wrappers for native debugging APIs (More on Mike Stall's blog). This means you can debug native processes from a debugger written purely in managed code!

Please try out the new sample and do try to send us feedback on the MDbg forums.

Have a nice Thanksgiving everyone!


Comments (2)

  1. derekslager says:

    Thanks — great stuff.

    One question, though — what happened to "pyb" (conditional breakpoint)?

  2. I was talking with Mithun about ntsd-SOS just recently. He was trying to convince me to use mdbg instead.

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