Congratulations & Welcome to the Microsoft MVP Program 2011…

The heart and soul of the Microsoft Developer Community is the MVP and RD Engines. Every year on January 1st, a brand new set of MVP awards are awarded to a very esteemed bunch of well deserving, inspiring, community people. These folks are the leaders who help and make a significant difference in the Microsoft/ technical community. These announcements are made quarterly and each year more than 4,000 MVPs are honored.

MVP Candidates are nominated by Microsoft, other Community leaders or in some cases – themselves. After the nomination process, they are evaluated by Microsoft for their technical acumen, community participation and leadership, community contribution (thus far), and their ability to scale both in-person and via social media channels.  Visit our nomination page to nominate yourself or someone you know to be considered for an MVP Award.

# of MVPs; >4000

# of Countries: >100

# of Languages: >40

# of Technologies: >90

# total questions answered in 2010: >10,000,000 (>10 Million)

I am really excited to announce the two new Technical Expertise we added this year. We added the SQL Azure and Office 365 (BPOS) to the program. We are now covering more than 90 different Microsoft Technologies. Both of these additions showcase our commitment to the future of our platform in the Cloud. Both SQL Azure and Office 365 nicely fit into the Cloud Platform (Windows Azure) and honor Cloud Development leaders. So, please welcome the 8 new candidates into the Microsoft MVP Program.

Looking forward to working with all of you this year!

For questions or feedback, please email (via this blog) or tweet me at: @mithund

-Mithun Dhar

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