AT&T vs T-Mobile Speed test (iPhone vs HTC HD7)

I JUST visited the T-Mobile store at Microsoft Commons and saw the new HTC-HD7 and the Dell Venue Pro devices. I have to say, it blows anything I have seen or owned so far!

First impressions:

WOW! The HTC HD7 is slick but the screen quality on the Dell Venue Pro is a tad bit better. While the HD7 is really slim and sexy it feels a little delicate compared to the more rugged Dell Venue Pro. Neither of them feel as flimsy as the iPhone 4. The touch is super responsive on both the phones and the onscreen keyboard is mega AWESOME! It blows away the iPhone keyboard in terms of recognition and accuracy. I tried it both portrait and landscape modes and it’s great – really awesome! 16 GB internal memory is sufficient with Zune pass, you get a built in mobile song library. The Zune and Xbox integration features are my favorite by far. I also installed a few applications and the experience is fantastic! If you are like me and use One note for everything, this phone is a no brainer. The Office integration makes it worthwhile. I didn’t get a chance to test out the battery life on either phones but considering they have been around since  9:00 AM and people are constantly playing around with it…they still had a tad bit more than 1/2 battery/power left over. The HTC HD7 also comes with a kickstand in the back for you to enjoy reading/watching a movie (from your Netflix app). And, did I tell you the camera on both the phones are SWEET! 5MP with flash…and a dedicated button to take pics, so I don’t miss a moment when I am trying to unlock, click the camera button and wait for it to load. And, if you are a keyboard kinda guy – the Dell Venue Pro sports a slide out QWERTY Keyboard with real buttons. But trust me on the Onscreen Keyboard being SUPER AWESOME!

Here’s the kicker: When I tried downloading and installing the Yelp! application, I couldn’t believe how fast it was. That got me thinking about the speed. So I did a quick speed test on the AT&T iPhone and T-Mobile HTC-HD7 – It woke me up with a Jolt! The T-mobile network in and around Seattle is SUPER FAST! I mean, it blows the AT&T speed by leaps and bounds. Here are two screen shots to prove it…


iPhone 3GS.


HTC-HD7 (Please note that it uses the same site designed for iPhone speed testing to test and measure the speeds)

Here’s what I did: From an iPhone, open a browser and go to: – Select 3G and wait for the test to complete.

The results are staggeringly different. The iPhone that I used had a speed of 142 KBPS while the new T-Mobile HTC-HD7 offered, 2204 KBPS – THAT IS 2MB/S – FANTASTIC!

I am sure this test would give your different results depending on where you are. I also heard that the T-Mobile networks in Seattle just moved to Fiber Optics in the backend. But if you are in a major city, I don’t see it being as bad as AT&T. I was on T-Mobile before and had a pretty good coverage. I can’t say the same for AT&T…there are spots on 520, Capitol Hill where I know the call will get dropped for sure. (I can repro Smile)…

That’s all I needed to convince me to move from AT&T to T-Mobile. If you need more reasons, here are a few:

  • Monthly bill is cheaper than AT&T (Both individual and family plans)
  • Better Coverage (I can vouch for that…)
  • Sexier phone – Really! Go check one out before you say anything…(The HTC-HD7 stole my heart)
  • Faster – I mean, way faster coverage. Look at the speeds – 142KBPS or 2204 KBPS – psshhht, that’s a no brainer. And, you can test it for yourself!
  • You can hold the phone anyway you want!

Some of the things that I am not so happy with:

  • There are not as many apps - yet! The iPhone (iTunes) and the Android store blows away the Windows Phone 7 numbers. But given the developer ecosystem for .NET – I am confident that this number will grow fast, very fast!
  • There are some critical app’s that I rely on that are currently missing but for most part, I am covered.
  • I’ve never used ‘Face Time’ but I have friends who swear by it! I don’t see that coming to WP7 right away but I am sure it’s going to come in the next version or perhaps even sooner.


So what are you waiting for? Go to a store near you and check one out! I am sure you will be as impressed as I am. I am ordering a Windows Phone 7 HTC-HD7 device…I think I’m in love, again!

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-Mithun Dhar

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  1. Hd7 Dog. says:

    HD7 to me is a $200 paper weight that can play Netflix. My G/F and I both have this phone so I know the following is not isolated. It lacks so much out of the box; it is bad for business (Microsoft and mine). Document saving and sharing is poor. Sound is poor. I have had it for 2 weeks and I have to pull the battery twice a day…Zune has prevented easy access to old files which makes me feel as Microsoft Zune is Media Nazi's. Can't install any other media software as of yet to freely drag and drop files onto phone. I would be o.k. with the lack of removable storage if the storage was accessibly. Not user friendly when it comes to finding detailed settings. By the way, the settings suck!!!! Microsoft must think that the owners of this phone must be complete douches. Snicker snicker… Video playback has a time bar on bottom but does not respond to finger!! This phone occasionally makes you manually update each email account to get most current email. Push is lagging. No Java… Should I go on?  O.k.  Did I mention that it does not register on home computer when you plug it in via usb? I know there are some that have managed to modify registry thru regedit… Pain in the *** for most users. I notices that the side chrome scratches off very easy. I put my HD7 in a blackberry case and it came out with the chrome missing after 2 hours. lol. If you download apps from the market place, expect lagging and crashing! That is no good. Market place lags without downloading on both devices. Did I mention Wifi issues? I am computer savvy and it took me 5 hours to get it connected to my NEW wireless Netgear router. On one device, it seems to have an OS issue were it won’t charge and has a picture on the screen to connect it to computer. Only way to fix this bug is to do multiple battery pulls and then the OS will eventually load. Other device seems fine. You can’t call out while watching Netflix. You must close app then call. With 3G, the whole hype was faster speeds and talking and browsing at the same time. On the HD7, this is not so.No multi-tasking. Did I mention that lack of UMA network is a MAJOR letdown? No Wifi calling is poor if you get no signal from T-Mobile in your own house in a populated rural neighborhood. It really does have bad reception. I am not talking about the death grip either. This phone is terrible for network reception. I have to forward all my calls to a Blackberry that does Wifi calling so I can receive my incoming calls. This is a good phone if you like to carry two phones at ounce. Tiles on main screen don’t seem to auto adjust, meaning if you delete a tile, it leaves a ugly empty gap that takes manual maneuvering to fix and cant hang if not done right. There is no easy button to push to clear cache or browsing history on all apps. The Bing button next to windows is very annoying. You can’t customize. Did I mention that you can’t customize? It seems to always get pressed accidentally no matter how gentle my browsing finger is. The power button and volume button move loosely and must be pressed multiple times to recognize command. The buttons just sit there and jiggle by themselves. Tighten them up man. Geeze. The video lags from time to time and refreshes when on 3G and this may be from the websites but not sure. In commercials and ads all over the net, they said that it has three speakers and that is a lie. It only has one small rear speaker and the speaker mesh on both sides of the screen is for looks. Lol. What a waste.

    If you think I am complaining then go stick your head in the ground. You have no idea how you are being taken advantage of on a day to day basis.

  2. Johnus says:

    That isn't 2MB/sec. That's just over 2Mb/sec. There's a difference.

  3. sonubalaji20044hot says:

    Sony. Sap  se kya  kaina. Chats hai

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