WebMatrix @ The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit…

The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2010 is in Vancouver BC this coming weekend on the 2nd and 3rd of October. I hope you are already Registered for this event as it is now Sold Out! I will be at this event along with a few other colleagues from Vancouver, BC and Redmond. We will primarily…


Windows Phone 7 Unleashed Events – Portland, Bellevue, Seattle, Boise | Register NOW!

If you are a .NET Developer and would like to make some moolah and have some fun building apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform, read on! Microsoft is partnering with some of the key Influencers from the community to bring to you the Windows Phone 7 Unleashed events. These events are designed to help…


Improved User Interface and Branding in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 coupled with Office 2010 is the ultimate collaboration platform. In SharePoint 2010 there is native support for developers to skin and theme websites. SharePoint Server 2010 allows customers to create customized, branding sites that fit their business needs. From ribbons to theme files to Silverlight 4 dynamic theming engine to master pages, Paul…


Future Idaho Tech 2010–Keynote presentation on Cloud & Collaboration Computing!

If you are in and around Boise, ID I strongly recommend you to register for the Future Idaho Tech 2010 Conference. I am the keynote speaker for this event. I’ll be speaking about the new paradigm in the computing world, covering information about Cloud Computing. I’ll also touch base on Collaboration and how the software…


Windows Phone 7–Developers Rejoice! Developer Tools RTM!

Since the announcement of Windows Phone 7 at MIX this year, the interest in the developer community has been nothing short of AMAZING! The main reason for this is the beauty of the tools available for .NET Developers. This development support for the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem is unparalleled. The power of .NET tools and…


Parallelism Techdays–Free Parallelism and Threading training for Developers! Seattle/Bellevue–Sep 29th–Register NOW!

Intel and Microsoft has partnered to present you Parallelism TechDays. Come learn about Parallelism and Threading in this FREE 1 day training course… Details below… Intel® and Microsoft Present Parallelism Techdays Free 1-Day Course on Parallelism and Threading Learn directly from Intel and Microsoft when you attend this free one-day course on parallelism and threading….


MSDN Radio: Windows Phone 7 UX with David Kelley….now available for download!

This past Monday, I interviewed David Kelley on the weekly www.msdnradio.com show and we spoke primarily about the User Experience on the Phone…download and listen at leisure. Don’t forget to tune in to the next MSDN Radio show. Details at, www.msdnradio.com -Mithun Dhar Technorati Tags: msdn radio,windows phone 7 ux,user experience


The New Kindle Ad…

I love the new Kindle Ad. It’s an ad well done! Key points to take away for marketer’s – Keep it short, simple and to the point! Entire ad is grounded in key points of differentiation, the cornerstone of a good value prop; screen readability and price. It’s a game changing device and more goodness…


MSDN Radio–9/13–UX for Windows Phone 7 Development with David Kelley

So you are writing a lot of Windows Phone apps and you are often confused about what the user experience should be? I get a lot of questions about the new ‘Metro’ UI that we have for Windows Phone and I thought it’d be great to do a MSDN Radio show to cover the same….


Seattle Univ–Introduction to Cloud Computing/Windows Azure…(One Month FREE Windows Azure Pass)

It was great speaking to MBA Students in Seattle University. As a follow up, I am posting some content and other documents that might be of interest to you… SeattleUniv-IntroductionToCloudComputing-WinsowsAzure101 View more presentations from mithund. Also, here is a Windows Azure Security Overview whitepaper that I have attached… Pricing: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/pricing/ Case Studies: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsazure/evidence/ Customers: And,…