Smart Highways–Coming soon in Seattle!

So if you are travelling on I-5 or I-90 or the 520, you must be wondering what these digital screens are and more importantly why they are blank. Well, if you are as curious as me, then you’d know that our Freeways are getting a facelift. In fact, it’s more than a facelift – they are becoming smarter! Starting in a couple of weeks these freeways will become Variable speed, dynamic lanes and make our commute more smarter.

Here are some of the signs that you should know about:

Smarter Highways with symbols

Smarter Highways symbol - red x Lane closed
Smarter Highways symbol - green arrow Lane open
Smarter Highways symbol - speed limit Current speed limit

Smarter Highways symbol - merge left Merge left
Smarter Highways symbol - merge right Merge right
Smarter Highways symbol - merge left or right Merge left or right

Seems pretty obvious to me! Anyway, if you need more information:

  • Video: video simulation of how smarter highways work
  • Photos: smarter highways electronic signs
  • Blog: discuss about smarter highways

Hope this helps! Now, if only we had smart drivers…*wishful thinking*


-Mithun Dhar

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