Microsoft’s proposal to EU…

Sometimes I really can’t help but wonder if we are paying a price for being the ‘Top dog’! Apple never gets asked to install IE on their OS/Computers? Google never gets asked to bundle or give the option to install MSN Toolbar while installing their toolbars.

It’s sad that such dipshits are running an entire continent and barring progress! I really wonder if they even understand what a ‘browser’ is!

I am on my way to attend Tech Ready (an Internal Microsoft conference) and I am just pissed reading about this proposal…aargh!

Read at leisure…I just made it through the Browser Choice doc and it was depressing enough!

In short,


Here’s our press release: 

Browser Choice

Proposed Commitment (.doc)

Annex A – Turning Internet Explorer on and off (.doc)

Annex B – Web Browser Ballot (.ppt)


Proposed Interoperability Undertaking (.doc)

Annex A – Warranty Agreement (.doc)

Annex B – Template Patent License (.doc)

Annex C – Additional Outlook and Exchange Versions (.doc)

Annex D – Outlook and Exchange Future Standards Process (.doc)

I really hope someone gets some sense into these people!

-Mithun Dhar

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