SharePoint Web 2.0 FireStarter – Live Meeting Recordings

Thanks everyone for attending the SharePoint Web 2.0 FireStarter event. The event was massively successful and we received a lot of great feedback. I can't wait to organize the next FireStarter event. Keep an eye open on my blog...

A lot of people were asking me for the recordings...Here it goes:

LIVE MEETING REPLAY URL:                       

Session 1 - Introduction To Day & Keynote:

Session 2 - Whirlwind SharePoint on Visual Studio:

Session 3 - Silverlight on SharePoint:

Session 4 - Web Parts on SharePoint:

Session 5 - Web Services on SharePoint:

Session 6 - Workflow on SharePoint:

Session 7 - Event Handlers on SharePoint:

Session 8 - Page Branding on SharePoint:

We also have professional video recordings that we are currently editing. This is pretty much the whole event being recorded and will be available for replay in about 2 weeks or so. These can be used as videocasts too!

Again, thanks for making this event a success!


Mithun Dhar

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  1. dpwebs says:

    hi, MD

    when can we expect code samples or step-by-step guides to be available for DL?

    And… what are results of prizes draw for LiveMeeting users? (do you still have exam vouchers and other nice stuff?)

  2. If you missed the live event in Seattle or via the Live Meeting, catch the recordings here. Veni, Vidi,

  3. BenHickman says:

    Mithun, thanks for organizing such a great event!

    After my morning presentation, I know we got some questions on licensing. I just blogged about a MOSS licensing FAQ that we have:

  4. MithunDhar says:

    Oh, sweet! Thanks for the comprehensive blog post, Ben!

    -Mithun Dhar

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