Score a goal or two……while peein’g! Umm…

I was in Munich right after the Soccer World Cup and every restaurant and bar and public toilet had this awesome pee stalls with a ball and a goal post. Again, not to sound like a sexist but I think this is totally a Guy's thing - We love to have some humor while we pee. Sometimes we like to draw stuff, sometimes we like to aim far, some times we like to pee off from the summit after a long hike! And, this time in Munich, I liked to play ball while I pee'd! The point of this post is to just reminiscence the good times I had in Munich...and I was so excited as soon as I saw this picture! The red ball is suspended from a thread above and you count the number of times the ball is inside the goal post! 🙂 Makes pee'ing a lot more fun and least it did to me!

Juvenile, I know!


Boys will be boys!

-Mithun Dhar

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