21, Rigged and more…

I am so stoked! I couldn't have woken up to a better phone call...I got a call from a friend and she told me about the movie 21 and sure enough, there was a trailer and tons of good stuff on the Internet! 🙂

21, is a bio pic about a bunch of MIT students who took Las Vegas for a ride! They formed a team and were primarily card counting! They played high stakes and lived the high life! It's based on one of the best books I've ever read - 'Bringing down the house' by Ben Mezrich! I absolutely love his other book too, 'Ugly Americans' - This book is about the crash and collapse of the Barons bank, the Japanese Markets and how a few young Ivy league students raided the Nikkei, Tokyo Stock Exchange. Super thrilling and entertaining! A sure page turner.

And, I am real happy because I JUST learnt that he has another new book- Rigged! A similar story about a kid who changed the world of Oil! I think I have finalized the books for my long flight to India in 15 days... 🙂


Here's the trailer of the movie, 21...

-Mithun Dhar

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