MSDN Redmond, WA Event update…


Update @ 10:20 AM: We just received power and we are good to go for the afternoon sessions. Click HERE for the agenda and speaker information.

Hope to see you this afternoon!



Thanks for showing up this morning at the MSDN Event. We had a record registration today for our MSDN Event in Redmond, WA! But, unfortunately we had to cancel the morning event due to power outage - Someone decided to ram their car into one of the transformers crippling a couple city blocks without power! Ironically, this was our first set of 'Power Series' events! 🙂

Coincidence? You betcha!

Anyway, we will keep you posted about the afternoon session. Watch this space for updates!


Q. Will the morning events be rescheduled?

We don't know at this point wether the morning session will be rescheduled but regardless of the outcome, I'll try and arrange a back up session for Astoria (ADO.Net Web Services) and VS 2008. We already have a full day event planned for Silverlight - More information on the Silverlight Fire Starter event can be found HERE! (There are limited seats so please register ASAP)


Q. Where can I find resources for today's MSDN Event?

All the resources including, demo code, Power point slides, web casts etc can be downloaded HERE - Note that some of the resources have not been updated just yet. We typically update all of our resources at the end of each quarter after all our 'Live' events have been completed.

Q. I would love to see the event rescheduled in Redmond,WA - Where can I voice my Opinion/Suggestions?

It would definitely help me if you voiced your opinion and let me know if rescheduling/re-hosting this mornings MSDN session would be helpful for you. Please leave a comment on this blog posting.


We regret any inconvenience it's caused to you!  Sometimes, we just don't have control over the way things pan out....


Thank you!

-Mithun Dhar

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  1. Budtzu says:

    Please reschedule this event for redmond.  I was very much looking forward to this session.  When I was leaving I spoke with about a dozen people who asked if I had heard of a reschedule date/time so I think the demand is there.

    Additionally, I suggest you allow anon comments on your blog for the time being so the attendee’s who find this blog are able to leave comments that much easier.

    Thanks, bummer about the power!  

  2. deo says:

    Yes, please do reschedule, however I would vote for Seattle area, not Redmond. It took me 3 hours and a ferry to get from Hood Canal area to the theater, just to find it was cancelled due to the power outage. No fault of yours, but frustrating!

    How about a full day event that discusses VS2008, Astoria, Silverlight? Easier to justify the trip then if it is for only a half day of developer info.


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