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Amazon has finally launched it's much anticipated Mp3 store. Here's my first take...

The store is no way better than iTunes, they just don't get the concept of user friendly design. The prices are on par, if not a wee bit cheaper. Not a very big collection but pretty good for a beta. The best part is all of this music is DRM free and will play on any device. This is really good...and it always baffles me how these companies are getting away by having DRM, esp tying my songs to devices. It's simple logic, when I buy my CD's or when I bought my tapes, they don't have any restrictions like how I can play them. I don't buy a different copy for my car and a different copy to play at home etc. So why should I be restricted when I buy a mp3 from iTunes?

My all time favorite music site is/was! If I had to describe it one word, it'd be - Phenomenal! They had a thick client which was just a joy to use. Their prices - phew! So cheap! Anyway, all good things has to come to an end. However, there is this new site, which is equally good...I've never purchased anything off of this site but it looks really good and the prices are COMPETATIVE! I have  feeling mp3sparks will be as addictive as crack and when they shut it down, I'd have to go thru the withdrawal symptoms all over again.

Anyway, do your comparisons between and the Amazon mp3 Store - Amazon needs to work on their design and usability!

-Mithun Dhar

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  1. Rosyna says:

    Wow, I’m very surprised to see a Microsoft employee actively talk about how good pirating is. The prices on mp3sparks aren’t competitive, it’s outright stealing.

  2. MithunDhar says:

    Thanks Rosyna, can you tell me how it’s stealing? I might be missing something here…

  3. Rosyna says:

    well, if you’re paying allofmp3 or mp3sparks (which is the same group) you are committing piracy. These people do not pay any of the artists nor do they have the rights to distribute the music from these artists.

    They’re making money off a product they have no rights to make money off of. has more information.

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