Best & Worst cities to live in…

Living in the Pacific Northwest is a blessing - as long as it's summer! The other days when it's a wee bit gloomy, we have Vancouver, BC which is a saving grace for Seattle, WA. I've been living in Seattle for almost 6 years now, Long enough to know that a beautiful day after two shitty days is called Monday.

Anyway, I stumbled upon the Economist's top 10 Best & Worst cities to live in article and interestingly it had Vancouver, BC as the #1 city to live in. I can totally see why this would be true:

  • Beautiful City
  • Beautiful People (Although, it's no Montreal or Paris)
  • Wonderful People
  • Peaceful coexistence of all religions, all castes, all creeds!
  • Home to a lot of Rich people - Lot's of them are immigrants from HK (When HK became part of PRC)
  • Great food
  • Greater shopping
  • Cannabis is almost legal. (It's Canada!)

The only thing which perplexes me is, this city is ridiculously expensive. Expensive, at least when compared to Seattle. But there's never been a single time that I've not had fun when in Vancouver. And, there's a huge Indian community with almost authentic Indian food!

I know where I am headed this weekend!! 🙂 TGIF!

Here's the Economist's article:

With low crime, little threat from instability or terrorism and a highly developed transport and communications infrastructure, Canada and Australia are home to the most liveable destinations in the world. Four of the ten most liveable cities surveyed by the Economist Intelligence Unit are in Australia, and two of the top five are Canadian. Vancouver is the most attractive destination, with a liveability index of just 1.3% (see table).

Very Nice, aye!

-Mithun Dhar


Isn't it surprising that US has the highest Per Capita in the world but not a single city in the top 10 list. Coincidence? Perhaps not! 🙂

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  1. Kevin Daly says:

    Baghdad not even in the ten worst?

    I find that very hard to believe.

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