Some days, I love more than others! And today is one of those days…not just because it’s a Friday but also because I was humored by some real good surprises by my manager!

I got my review today and had a very strong FY07. It totally came out of the blue when my manager preponed his vacation to talk to me about my past year’s performance! Since we are an agile company, I had a couple managers do my review and boy oh boy, was I happy or what! I was grinning from ear to ear. This review has been my best review so far in my career here at Microsoft! The compensation was great, the package was sweet, the stocks were singing sweet tunes! All in all, it was nothing short of perfect! There was very little left to disagree…

Everything is going great for me today. On my way back from San Jose, CA – Alaska Airlines was delayed, again, of course! But I was in for a sweet surprise when I was called to the podium (without my name being bastardized!), a very sweet looking Indian girl told me that she upgraded me to First class! Ah!

The stars, I tell you – they are great when they are aligned the right way! J

I am Just happy to be alive and grinning….

Looking forward to a great FY08!

-Mithun Dhar

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