Avoid flying Alaska Airlines – like the plague!

There comes a point when you just lose your cool! And this often doesn’t happen to me except when god fucking damn Alaska Airlines decide to reschedule the flight 3 times without giving a prior notice! Here’s the scoop…

For the last four times, Alaska Airlines has been cancelling/rescheduling their flights without prior notice. And the delays have always been 3 or more hours. Unfortunately for me, I live in Seattle where Alaska is the dominant airline as it’s their hub. They don’t tell you what the problem is and they just announce on the PA that the flight is delayed and the new boarding time is _ _:_ _! This just irks me! After a repeating this a couple of times, they then tell you they have a technical problem and the engineers are trying to fix it. The exact sequence of events was in play again last evening when I was trying to catch a flight to come to the Bay area.

The original flight was supposed to depart at 6:46PM and then they kept on rescheduling this until I could take it no longer and I had to kick a fuss! I am usually not like that and have a great deal of patience. I seldom cuss but everybody has their limits. I went to the counter and cried bullshit to the agent and told her I have to be compensated for this inconvenience. At which point she threatens to call security. It’s authority like this I fucking detest and makes my blood boil with rage! I’ve been waiting at the godforsaken airport for more than 3 hours now and she calmly tells us that the flight is delayed and the new boarding time is 8:45 PM which means the flight will depart at 9:15 PM. The past four times, I’ve had the same experience…everytime, its either the crew has not arrived (Ridiculous!) or the bathrooms are not working, or there are some technical problems. I mean come on! If your flights are not being maintained properly don’t fly them or make sure to repair them. Once is fine, twice is OK but if this becomes a habit you are really pissing a lot of people.

Adding insult to injury, she offered a $6 coupon that can be used only on the day of the flight and in the same airport. Let’s back up, $6 for a 3 hour delay? Ie., $2 an hour? For gig’s I called Alaska Air and asked them if I can reschedule my flight for another one which was leaving an hour 10 after…and they wanted $100 for putting me on that. I think justice needs to go both ways…if your time’s worth money – so is mine! If you are charging $100 to reschedule me to put me on a flight that flies after an hour and 10 mins I expect the same to be compensated to me – if my flight is delayed by more than an hour. When I bought that up with the agent she just told me, that it was company policy and there’s nothing I can do about it…

It’s helplessness like this that makes me mad! They can’t get away like this…I really wish I could recuperate my $94 somehow. In all that rage, I wished I had a permanent marker to leave some nice graffiti in their planes. I bet that would cost them more than $94 to clean up…aargh!! But of course, my conscience is a little more mightier than that...

But, someone has to bell the cat!

A very very annoyed,

Mithun Dhar

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