Resources for MSDN Events – LINQ, WCF, Silverlight


Thanks for attending my event in Portland, OR. Posted below is a neatly compiled set of resources! (Thanks Lynn!). Please let me know if you require any more information.



Webcast – Daniel Moth – language features on Channel9 – basics of how .NET language supports language-integrating query

ScottGu’s Blog Series on ASP.NET and LINQ – multipart series on how to implement LINQ in ASP.NET, make sure to read the comments and Scott’s answers

ScottGu’s T-SQL visualizer – download and use it

101 LINQ Code Samples Here – comprehensive list of every LINQ expression

Performance comparisons – for different types of LINQ, i.e. XLINQ, DLINQ, etc..

Luca webcast – LINQ designer – hear the ‘why’ from the guy who led the design efforts for LINQ

Detailed explanation – including change tracking behavior, which features of databases are supported, type conversion chart, etc… – great, thorough MSDN article – READ THIS before you start coding in LINQ!


Books – and I do recommend that you pick up at least one book before you start coding in WCF

WCF Step-by-Step MSPress – by John Sharp -beginning

Learning WCF – O’Reilly – by Michele Leroux Bustamante – intermediate

Programming WCF Services – O’Reilly by Juval Lowy – advanced


MLB series –

MLB on .NET Rocks –

WCF 101 screencast –

Nishith series


Core reference

Patterns – Service Factory –

Dev Tools –

Codeplex – Service Factory –

Performance Comparison –

WCF host registration error fix –


MindMap for learning paths –

Videos (quick learning)

Mix07 sessions & ‘HowDoI’ screencasts

Main MS site on MSDN

Silverlight Architecture (includes deployment)

Silverlight embeddable media

Demo videos to use with Silverlight applications

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