Expression Blend training now offered at a place near you….

I am stoked to announce that we are launching Expression Blend trainings countrywide!

Go on and register for a seat soon! I’ll bet they’ll get sold out fast….

Here’s more information:

If you are in Seattle, Click HERE to register

Jun 25 - 26, 2007
9:00AM-5:00PM Seattle, Washington

Course Content:

This two-day instructor-led training course provides attendees with a hands-on experience designing user experiences for Windows using Expression Blend a new tool for designers that enables them access to the power of the Windows Presentation Foundation.

About the Training:
In this course students will work with the following tools and technologies:

  • Expression Blend
  • Expression Design
  • NET Framework 3.0, Windows Presentation Foundation, XAML
  • Visual Studio 2005

Students will cover topics such a designing the user interface for a video player and then converting that into an actual fully functioning video player by defining dynamic layout, creating custom controls, incorporating video, binding controls to work with each other, binding to external XML data to create an interactive video catalog and more. Designers will also experience other real world scenarios where they will discover the huge potential that Expression Blend enables them to have to dramatically increase the experience of a Windows application. After the course, students will get access to a website containing all of the training materials.  

Course Outline:

Intro to Microsoft UX

½ hr.

In this session you will be introduced to the complete offer from Microsoft to create compelling User Experiences for Windows and the Web.

  • Principles of UX
  • Microsoft UX Platform
  • Designer & Developer Collaboration
  • Overview of Microsoft Expression

Expression Design

3 hr.

In this session you will experience the professional vector based graphic support of Expression Design. At the end you will use your creativity and design style to create an entire Video Player user interface.

  • Intro to the tool
  • Vector Drawing tools
  • Vector Transformation & Effects
  • Exporting to XAML
  • End-to-End Design Activity (Video Player)

Other Content Tools

1½ hr.

In this session we will quickly review different professional design tools we use every day and we will provide you with some tips and tricks so you can prepare rich media content for Expression Blend.

  • Tips and Tricks to prepare 3D, Graphics, Video and Audio content for WPF using popular design tools.

Intro to Expression Blend

4 hr.

In this session you will learn the basics of Expression Blend in a fun end-to-end scenario where you will create a Video Player prototype. Through-out the session we will also provide some mini-labs that will help you learn more about WPF topics.

  • Intro to Expression Blend
  • Managing your Project
  • Defining Dynamic Layout
  • Customizing Controls
  • Defining Triggers
  • Implementing Animation
  • Incorporating Media Element
  • Setting Up Data Binding
  • Defining a Custom Window

School of Fine Art

4 hr.

In this session you will go through a different approach to collaborate with developers to create a Windows experience. In this case you will be provided with a poorly designed WPF project built in Visual Studio.  The project works perfectly and is robust and reliable, but you need to make it look much more attractive and compelling.

  • Opening Visual Studio projects in Blend
  • Defining Window and Control Layout
  • Incorporating Graphical Assets from Expression Design
  • Applying Resources
  • Creating a Repeat Animation
  • Designing a Custom Looking ListBox
  • Defining a Custom Window

Fabrikam Retail Store


In this session you will go through another possible WPF collaboration scenario. In this case a designer has prepared some assets and resources for you. You will work on a UI for Fabrikam by following best practices in re-using some of these resources and creating many of your own.

  • Min and Max Settings in Layout
  • Applying Existing Resources
  • Editing the Template of a Button
    • Simple Rollover
    • Animated Rollover
    • Animated Rollout
  • Inserting Content into Buttons
  • Databinding
    • Binding to External XML Data
    • Customizing ListBox Template
    • Incorporating Developer Created Value Converters
    • Use Data Context to Create Details View
    • Databinding to Object Properties
  • 3D, Animation and Triggers
  • Developer & Designer Collaboration
    • Collaboration via Events
    • Collaboration via Custom User Controls
    • Collaboration via CLR Object

Have fun learning!

-Mithun Dhar

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