I woke this morning completely relieved! Like a big thing off my chest kinda feeling! Have you ever felt that way? I finished all my 11 events, done with traveling (work related!) for now!

It’s all in the past now! As daddy always said, forget the past but not the lesson! It’s done…it’s over!!

Now, here’s for the exciting part, I’ll be of on vacation starting this Sunday. I’m so eagerly looking forward to it. I’ve vowed to myself that I’ll be changed completely when I get back. No more looking in the past and cribbing about shit. If there’s a problem then I am the one who’s going to fix it. No one’s going to control my destiny! Not even my fate! I’ll be in charge henceforth. The next 15 days will be awesome to take some time off, think, reflect and build a relationship with my love in Europe! Want to know more…watch this space! 🙂

So very typical of me, I scrambled through stuff last weekend and got my tickets on Friday and then I got my visa stuff sent to the embassy on Friday too. To my surprise, (and luck!) I got my visa stamped and delivered (from SFO) in 24 working hours. I got my visa yesterday morning. I am stoked about this trip. I don’t have an itinerary nor do I care to have one! All I know is, I am going to Amsterdam, Munich, Austria and Belgium. The only dates that I can’t change is 28th and 30th both of these days require me to be in Munich, DE. The rest I’ll play it by ear and gut feel. Wherever sweet life takes me…I was contemplating on making a rough itinerary but then it takes the zest away. Timetables and itineraries are for pussies. I’m in for an adventure. I don’t care if I miss a train or a plane when I am on vacation…I want to just wake up in the morning…roam around and then decide if I want to stay in that place or go elsewhere. I have friends in Munich and Belgium that I plan on visiting but apart from this I’ll pretty much be alone everywhere else. And that’s the way I want it…I really need to get over stuff and have some time for some self introspection! ‘Self introspection’ wow that’s a deep word! But rest assured, when I get back I will know exactly what I need to work on and I’ll also know where I went wrong, why and how! Just in general…all in all!

Gotta love life when it’s sofa king good!!

If you are wondering what I am high on, Click on the second song – 'I’m in love with you!'


In small matters trust the mind, in large matters trust the heart.

--Sigmund Freud


I am on the lookout for a book for my journey. I am thinking about ‘Monkey Business or Liars Poker’ if you have a better suggestion write back to me….

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