Microsoft DevCares…

I’ve been presenting at a lot of launch events across the country and one of the areas that excite people the most is the Office Platform. People just love the extensibility that Office System 2007 offers as a platform. Couple it with SharePoint Portal Server 2007 and you have a very powerful custom app authoring environment with unparalleled platform and tool support .

If you would like to get free training in Office Development come join us at DevCares! Here, we’ll show you how you can use .Net and Office to build a whole new set of tools for your enterprise. Some examples include Extending Outlook, Creating Apps in Excel and of course, we’ll also show you how to write Custom Workflow Solutions in SharePoint. As you can see, with the advent of Office System 2007, the world of office development takes a quantum leap ahead in power and flexibility!


Come join us!!




Visit the registration site at for city near you! 

(Register today for your chance to Win a ZUNE!)


-Mithun Dhar


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