December 2005 DirectX SDK Available

The latest DirectX SDK has been posted. Interesting tid bits: .NET 2.0 support DirectX10 Technology Preview for Vista  



The new is up and running with Xbox 360 features. You can now include your Gamer Card in web pages, blogs, etc. by including the following fragment: <iframe src=”” scrolling=”no” frameBorder=”0″ height=”140″ width=”204″>Put your gamertag here too.</iframe> Which will result in this: Put your gamertag here too. See this for more information.  


Announcing Mantis!

Mantis is a WinFX based multiplayer game and engine. All of the GUI and rendering is done using Windows Presentation Foundation and the networking is done using Window Communication Foundation.  If you are attending the PDC, be sure to check it out at the Windows SDK booth and the Fundamentals Lounge.  A technology preview will be…


DirectX BOF Session at the PDC

Andy has posted that there is going to be a DirectX Birds of a Feather session at the PDC next week.  Sounds fun!  


Another View

Here is another screen shot of the game I’ve been working on.  It uses Windows Communication Foundation (Indigo) for the networking and Windows Presentation Foundation (Avalon) for the rendering.  I’ll talk more in the future about the architecture, how I used the different technologies and some of the challenges.



Here’s little teaser for what I’ve been working on lately. I’ll give more details as we get closer to the PDC. See you there!


Terrarium 1.2 Server Available

I’m glad to announce that the Terrarium 1.2 Server is finally available for download. Head on over to the Terrarium Downloads area to snag it. Now included is a configuration tool that will create the database, create the virtual directory and congifure permissions and settings for you. Also, the server no longer requires Office Web…


Terrarium Article

A new article about Terrarium,1759,1758392,00.asp Gives a small overview and a little bit of the history.  I guess I’d better get busy!