DirectX 9.0 SDK October 2004 Update Available

An update to the DirectX SDK is now available.  Here is a brief list of changes:         Tool Updates                PIX             – Call capture and playback, Asynchronous events, Triggers and Actions                Maya Exporter   – Maya 6 Support, Procedural texture support, Updated installer         New Samples                C++             – AntiAliasing, Instancing, ConfigSystem               …


Halo 2 is Done!

Read about it here: See you at the Redmond Town Center EBX at midnight 11/08!


XP SP2 Platform SDK Available!

Grab it here:


Preliminary Managed DirectX Documentation?

If you’ve downloaded the latest DirectX9 SDK, you may have noticed that all of the Managed docs are tagged with the “This documentation is preliminary and subject to change.“ line.  Here’s the scoop from Mark, one of the Programming Writers: The Summer 2004 SDK Update provides complete, release-quality reference documentation for the following Managed DirectX…


Heading to Meltdown

I’m heading off to Meltdown.  Well, not really until tomorrow morning, seeing as it is just in downtown Seattle.  Should be cool, hoping to pick up some new ideas to try out. Tom’s giving a talk titled Using Managed Code in Your Game, and there are quite a few sessions on Effects, Shaders and the…


Ctrl-Tab in Whidbey – A Fix!

I am a big user of Ctrl-Tab to quickly cycle through open editor windows.  With Whidbey Beta1, Ctrl-Tab also cycles through the Tool windows, so to cycle documents, you have to do a double Ctrl-Tab. Well, I found the fix.  Go to Tools | Options | Keyboard.  By default Ctrl-Tab is assigned to Window.NextDocumentWindowNav.  To…


Terrarium 1.2 Released!

The Terrarium 1.2 client has been released to the public!  Here are various links:   Public Server:   Post with details:   A partial list of What’s New: Organism SDK Installed with Client (Includes docs, tutorials, reference and skeletons) VS.NET 2003 Project Templates Resizable Windows Full screen support (two modes, “maximize” and “Alt-Enter”) Better…


C# typedef

Has anyone else found themselves doing the following:       public class FooList : System.Collections.Generic.List<Foo>       {      } Rather than just using or exposing the List<Foo> type directly?  For some reason I prefer the strongly type name.  True, I would most likely expand on this class for such things as an overloaded Add() method, etc. Anyone…


Whidbey “Go To Definition” Feature

So I am digging through some MDX code tonight and I see a class I hadn’t heard of before. I am thinking that it is a helper class that the SDK Sample framework has created, so I right click on the class name and select “Go To Definition“.  Sure enough I am taken to a…


Whidbey Intellisense Feature

Just stumbled upon one of those little features that are so nice and once you get used to it, it’s hard giving it up. When attempting to assign a value to an enum property, as soon as you type “ = “, it brings up the intellisense window to the specific enum type. No hunting around…