Finish the…

When we shipped XNA Game Studio 3.0 last month, and then turned on Xbox LIVE Community Games this month, that, to me, really completed our initial vision for XNA Game Studio, the changes in the way games are made, and creating opportunities for a new class of game developers.  While there will always be a list of things to be added or improved to XNA Game Studio and the XNA Framework, I was having trouble finding tough, interesting problems to solve, which is what motivates me.

So I’ve taken my love of games, of creating platforms and tools, and of a particular game series and found my next big challenge to tackle.  A couple of weeks ago, I started as a Program Manager on the Microsoft Halo Studio team.  I’m joining a(nother) team filled with very talented people and I’m excited about the possibilities.

Unfortunately, what I’ll be working on won’t lend itself to public blogging much anymore…not that I’ve been a regular blogger anyway.  And I usually don’t post (or twitter) about day to day stuff.  Me getting another Diet Dew from the fridge just doesn’t seem that interesting. J  I’ll keep this blog around for a bit and see how it goes.

I’ll still be involved in the XNA Game Studio community, but now from the “other” side…a creator…as I continue to learn, create, and wait to see what the team comes up with next.


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