XNA Happenings

You've probably seen the post announcing we're releasing a Beta 2 of XNA Game Studio Express.  This release contains lots of fixes and tweaks based on feedback and it includes the much anticipated Content Pipeline!  As we get closer to release, I'll have a post that explains some of the changes.

 If you want to get a sneak peak at what's coming in the beta, then you should stop by the Seattle Code Camp v2.0 that is happening this weekend.  There are a lot of great sessions, including 3 XNA related sessions:

  • Making an XNA Game for the Xbox 360

  • Introduction to the Programmable Pipeline in XNA

  • Exploring the XNA Framework

I'm giving the last session where we'll be looking at new features and changes in the XNA Framework, a little peak into the Content Pipeline and our support for the Xbox 360!

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