DirectX 9.0 SDK October 2004 Update Available

An update to the DirectX SDK is now available.  Here is a brief list of changes:

        Tool Updates
                PIX             - Call capture and playback, Asynchronous events, Triggers and Actions
                Maya Exporter   - Maya 6 Support, Procedural texture support, Updated installer

        New Samples
                C++             - AntiAliasing, Instancing, ConfigSystem
                Managed         - PrtPerVertex, FragmentLinker , SimpleAnimation

        Bug fixes
                D3DX            - Debug Output Muting, PRT Blocker meshes no longer have a 65,535 vertex limit, texture UV coordinate transformation)
                DirectX for Managed Code        - memory leak in TextureLoader.FromFile, unhandled exception errors)

I am especially excited about the Maya 6 exporter.  The last SDK only included support for Maya 5 and it didn't work with the new version.

Here are the links to the downloads.  This is "breaking" news, so the main portal page,, hasn't been updated yet.

Release Notes

Software Developer Kit



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