Terrarium Style Editor

I posted previously about the updated UI for Terrarium 1.2.  I mentioned how as a side effect of the library design, it was easy to support a limited “style” editor.  Here is a screenshot of what the editor looks like.  Nothing real fancy, but allows you to tweak the look of the Terrarium user interface.  The Terrarium client will look in the install directory and the My Documents\Terrarium directory for style files and allows you to choose which style to use at runtime via the Settings dialog.  It will detect new styles each time the Settings dialog is opened and it can apply the style without having to restart.  There are two built in styles, a “default” one in case no other styles are available and a “system” one that attempts to adapt to the current XP theme.  Terrarium 1.2 will ship with around 5  additional styles.

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