PDC 2003 Hands On Lab

During the PDC 2003, we had a Terrarium Hands-On Lab that featured a special version of Terrarium built on the Longhorn PDC version.  It used Avalon for the user interface elements, used Click-Once for deployment and updating and also demonstrated WinForms and Avalon interop. (The “world viewer” was a WinForms control that hosted DirectDraw)  One of the coolest features was the use of Avalon Visual Styles to “skin” the UI. It included 2 different skins and it had the ability to detect new skins and use them as well.

We had one row in the Lab, which gave us about 20 computers. During the 2nd day, the Terrarium lab was standing room only, so we “borrowed“ 9 more computers from another lab. (Thanks guys!).

We also were giving away 3 Xbox Live game packages (Xbox Console, Xbox Live Starter Kit, Amped 2, Project Gotham Racing 2 and Crimson Skies) via a random drawing.  The winners were:

  • Dale Seegmiller

  • Wade Matveyenko

  • Chris Overbeek

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to all who stopped by!

Comments (1)

  1. As one of the fellows who was fortunate enough to garner one of the winning xbox systems, I would like to say thanks to Mitch and the Longhorn team for their generosity. Even though my use of .NET is mostly on the server side, I am leading a project to convert our Java Applets (UI) to .NET Winforms which will execute as embedded objects in IE initially, and hopefully within SmartClient applications eventually. The 2003 PDC was yet again packed full of good stuff, and we are eagerly awaiting Whidbey, Orcas and Longhorn…


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