Quake Map Tools

I was looking through a bunch of old code and came across some utilities in C# that handle loading the Quake MAP file format.   There are several classes in this bunch:

  • The basic MAP file parser that take the text based MAP file and loads it into memory.

  • A “compiler” that converts the MAP file into primitives that can be rendered

  • A token parser used to parse the MAP file itself.

The second step is necessary because the results of the first step is basically a list of planes that when clipped against each other create the actual geometry of the world.  The second step is responsible for doing this clipping as well as a few other things.  From this point it wouldn't take much to throw the resulting triangles into a VertexBuffer and use it for rendering.

If there is interest in this code I can spend a little time cleaning it up then posting it.  Let me know!

Comments (3)

  1. Flecko says:

    I’d be interested in seeing this code. Even though I develop in C/C++, this would probably help me out alot in loading .map files.

  2. Airknow says:

    I am very interested! I’m building an engine and in desperate need of testdata and levels so to be able to parse map files would greatly improve my productivity!

  3. Hi,

    I am very interested about your MAP file parser! Im writing my own 3d engine, so, your map parser will be very helpfull.


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