New Camera: Canon Digital Rebel

So I picked up a new camera last week, a Canon Digital Rebel.  Quite a big improvement over my previous digital, a Nikon CoolPix 995.  Unfortunately there hasn't been a good day to take it outside and try some shots, what with the WA weather and all.  I decided to upgrade now as we are heading to Hawaii in March and I definately wanted a good camera for the trip.  Got any recommendations for lens and a bag?  I would like to pick up a zoom / telephoto for sure, maybe a lens that offers a wider angle than the kit lens too.  I'll probably lurk over at the forums and see what folks there are using.

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  1. Eric Harris says:

    You know me. I am a fan of the LowePro camera bags. I have two, one for my Nikon 990 and another for my Nikon SLR. They are pretty durable and functional.

    These blogs are pretty useful. Up until today, I had never heard of a blog. Is this a MS thing?

  2. Mitch Walker says:

    Yup, that is what I went with. Lowepro Zoom 1, I believe. Fits the 75-300 lens that I got. Did you get a digital SLR Nikon? D70?

  3. Mitch Walker says:

    No, (we)blogs are not an MS thing, although they are certainly becoming more popular with the MS crowd.

  4. Eric Harris says:

    I have my eye on one of the Nikon models. Now that they are coming down in price they are looking more attractive than ever.

    How do you like the Canon? Is there the shutter delay like we experienced with the Nikons?

    Ahh. weblogs…. Makes sense. Thanks for the feedback.

  5. Eric Harris says:

    I have a 35mm Nikon SLR. Not one of the new Digital SLRs, yet…

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