Microsoft Office Ultimate for $59.95: The Ultimate Steal is Back!

Starting today, August 20, 2008 college students in the United States enrolled in at least .5 credit hours can purchase Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate Edition for only $59.95.  This is the version that sells at Office Depot and other office supply stores for over $600.  Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate includes: Access 2007 Accounting Express 2008…


Engineering Summer Camp for Middle School & High School Kids with Results!

New Mexico State University – Las Cruces (NMSU) recently invited me to give an IT Careers talk at their Pre-Freshman Engineering Program (PREP) for Jr. High/Middle School and High School Students.  NMSU’s PREP program is a five-week academically-intense summer program for pre-college students who have demonstrated academic achievment.  Average enrollment each summer is about 150 students….