Azure in IS Lab Series

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Technical Evangelist Easy, Fast, Be a Hero: pick all three! The challenge of most survey information systems courses taught in the College of Business is that the hands-on projects tend to teach Microsoft Office skills rather than give insights into IT careers.  This might be why CIS, MIS and IS…


How to Add a Student Project to your Resume

Randy Guthrie, PhD – Microsoft Technical Evangelist In several previous blog posts I have covered how to write an accomplishments-based resume and related job-application documents: · Writing an Awesome Resume · The Effective Cover Letter · Another Resume Perspective I have also produced a couple video workshops that cover the same topic in a…


Microsoft Announces New Hardware Designed for Windows 10

Randy Guthrie, PhD – Microsoft Technical Evangelist Earlier this week Microsoft announced a new line of hardware products specifically-designed for Windows 10.  Reactions from the tech media have been overwhelmingly positive.  A special website has been created just to showcase the devices.  You can check it out here: Cheers, Randy


Microsoft Azure Web Apps: How to Deploy a Website Via FTP Client Software

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Technical Evangelist Now that Microsoft is offering Windows Azure websites and SQL Database as part of the benefit for students, there is an opportunity for universities to reduce the time, effort and cost of hosting websites for web development classes by letting students self-host in DreamSpark.  Visual Studio 2015…


Imagine Cup Competition Secrets

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Technology Evangelist Over my career at Microsoft I have coached and mentored a lot of Imagine Cup teams; some of which have gone on to win at the US and World Finals.  I have also seen teams that had great ideas and projects not make it as far in the…