Project Spark: Making Great Xbox One and Windows 8 Games; by touch

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Technology Evangelist

A few years back a small group inside of Microsoft Research developed a functional game development platform for the Xbox they called “Kodu”.  It looks like Kodu has grown up a bit and will soon be released as a touch development platform for Xbox One and Windows called “Project Spark”.  While details appear to sketchy, Project Spark looks to be a platform where you can develop a single game concept and then deploy seamlessly to both the Xbox One and Windows 8 stores.  There is some kind of community being developed behind it; we’ll have to see, but the platform beta is scheduled to be released this month.  You can sign up here: and you’ll be notified when it goes live.  I’ve used Kodu and several years ago watched a 7-year walk a group of adults through making a pretty legitimate game without the need to purchase graphical assets.  I’m signed up; how about you?



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  1. Tommy Braccia says:

    I was recently in a workshop and would love to be able to see the presentation maybe download it that you showed use the one you called a lecture and slimmed down to 15 minutes from an hour. It included stuff like when apps are downloaded most if you could tell me a way to view it if you're willing to share it that would be great. Thanks

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