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Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist

Do you judge a book by it’s cover? Or at least it’s thickness?  One characteristic common to many technical books is how many pages it takes to cover a subject more-or-less completely.  Given the size of most programming and IT technical books bringing even one with you on a plane can really weight down your backpack, and packing more than one in checked baggage puts you at risk for being charged over weight fees.  To help you travel lighter and use your airplane time more productively (I’m not saying a well-deserved nap on a plane isn’t productive) I thought I’d share a couple links to some free e-books on current hot technologies. All are available in the two most common e-book formats: ePub and MOBI (MOBI can be read with a Kindle). Download them to your favorite reader, slate, phone tablet or laptop and your favorite tech references are at your fingertips with no added weight.

Charles Petzold’s Programming Windows Phone 7 is available here as EPUB and here as MOBI.

To get Moving to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 by Patrice Pelland, Pascal Paré, and Ken Haines download here as EPUB and here as MOBI.

Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 by Ross Mistry and Stacia Misner is here as EPUB and here as MOBI.

Introducing Windows Server 2008 R2 by Charlie Russel and Craig Zacker with the Windows Server Team at Microsoft is here as EPUB and here as MOBI.

Katherine Murray’s Own Your Future, Update Your Skills with Resouces and Career Ideas from Microsoft is here as EPUB and here as MOBI.



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