Get Cloud Computing Experience During Summer Break with a Free Cloud Account

Randy Guthrie – Microsoft Academic Developer Evangelist

For many Microsoft employees, the slower business rhythm allows time for training and learning the latest technologies. This is also true for students and faculty who are on summer break. We notice that downloads of developer tools and SDK does not slow down during the summer because students are out of class and have time to work on personal projects.  For students and faculty wanting to learn about Cloud Computing, Microsoft is offering free 30-day (extendable to 45 days) Windows Azure accounts to faculty and students. To create your account go to and enter the promotion code WRAC11.

Microsoft has two basic kinds of cloud offerings. Windows Azure is an application hosting framework (think web apps) similar to web hosting. SQL Azure is a cloud-based relational database framework.  These free accounts include both.  The cloud applications and databases can be created using the Visual Studio after the Azure SDK has been installed.

Learning cloud computing is easy with Microsoft’s free account, tools and learning resources. Here is how to get started:

1. Set up your account at and enter the promotion code WRAC11

2. Download and install the Azure SDK from . I suggest using the All-In-One installation.

3. Try out the code samples and hands-on labs at: .

4. Now build your own basic apps and databases and link them together

5. Add cloud computing and Windows Azure to your resume. Resume tips can be found at

6. Apply for a job at Microsoft at:



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  1. Angel says:

    You have no idea how excited I am about this…

  2. Bushra says:

    i want to know about cloud computing…bt have no idea…can this really help me???i will must try this…

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