Microphone on Facebook: Converse with Microsoft

The Microsoft educational community has launched a new application on Facebook called "Microphone".  Microphone is a Facebook application (http://apps.facebook.com/microphone) that links the Facebook community directly with experts and enthusiasts from Microsoft Corporation.  Since it is a Facebook application, members of Microphone will be kept current on all things Microsoft relating to new products, training and workshops, conferences, technology careers, research, and the Digital Lifestyle.  Once you install the application, a link to Microphone will be added to a user's profile, with the option for the news feed to appear in the window further down.  Microphone is not intended to be a passive site, and visitors earn points for posting questions and answers on the forums and on the Wall.  There is a leader board, and there are plans to make the points redeemable for some kind of reward which is TBD.  While there are plans to expand add functionality over the next couple of months, most of the core features are in place and the community is just starting to grow.  NOTE: Once you download the application, make sure to become a fan of the application so that you can earn points, otherwise you'll be anonymous and not earn points. Join today!


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