Student Projects that Use Blogs

Want to add a cool technology component to any group or class project?  Try blogging!  Hosting is free from a number of sites.  Two popular sites (rivals) are Windows Live Spaces and BlogSpot.  The interfaces are simple to use and support a wide variety of looks, and allow the posting of text, photographs and video.

Both Windows Live Spaces and BlogSpot can be configured to make the sites non-searchable, or members only, and comments (desirable) can be moderated to prevent spam posting.  Of course students should be strongly cautioned to not post any personally-identifying information on their blogs, particularly K-12 students.  Following are a collection of student project blogs from a game development class at Cal Poly Pomona.  The quality of the blogs and the projects vary greatly, but they give a good idea of how students can get their work out there without spending a lot of time on web development.

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