Career Resources Now Available on MIS Laboratory

Prior to working for Microsoft, I was the volunteer director of a community employment center in Southern California.  During my tenure as director (as well as when I was a college professor), I had the opportunity to help many people with their job searches, and developed some expertise in resume writing and interviewing.  Recently, I successfully helped Jessica Anderson, who is one of my student partners, get a summer internship at Microsoft.  Since these internships are highly prized and very difficult to get, I decided to interview her to document how she did it.  In addition to her videotaped interview, I created two screen casts of the resume workshop and interviewing workshops that I've used in the past and which Jessica used to help get her internship.  All of these resources are now available on the MIS Laboratory Student Portal  While the information is somewhat slanted towards those who are seeking entry level positions in technology fields, the techniques and principles explained in these resources will benefit anyone who finds themselves on the job market.  Think you have what it takes to work for Microsoft?  Drop me a line and I'll help you get started with the application process.

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