How to switch between languages of Visual Studio

If you have 2 different language Visual Studio installed on your machine, you can switch between the languages simply by selecting the language via IDE(Intergrated Development Environment).

1. Go to Tools->Options

2. Select International Settings under Environment

3. Choose Language drop-down list and you will see languages of VS that you installed.

4. Choose whatever language you want VS to show and close->reopen.






Comments (1)

  1. Is it "recommended" or even "supported" to have a English and an German Visual Studio 2005 installed on the same maschine?

    What is the benefit?

    I have the issues, that I am using Visual Studio 2005 English, but desiging User Interfaces (WinUI and Setup projects) for German speaking audiences. When using certain features (Standard Menu (File, Edit, etc) I get them in English. Also all me setup program run with an English UI.

    Whould the side-by-side (English/German) solve the issue? Is this how it is designed? Or are there other options?

    Thankx, Harry

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