Silverlight v4 Beta released for JPN

Silverlight v4 Beta JPN SDK is released at Silverlight v4 Beta JPN SLtools is released at If you have Dev10 Beta2 JPN installed, you can install JPN SLTools which will install developer runtime, JPN SDK and tools as part of the setup and you can create JPN Silverlight 4 apps.


East Asia risky characters

EA-Risky Characters   The Risky Characters – ANSI Code page The Risky characters are at the EA-lang is based on ANSI code page. This section contains the following sections. Border Characters (code below is in Hex) JPN 8141 9FFC E040 FC4B         KOR 8141 C55A 8161 C57A 8181 FDFE CHT A141 F97E…


what is system locale?

System Locale: The system locale determines the Windows code page used by the ANSI (non-Unicode) version of Win32 APIs. String and character parameters passed to a Win32 API are converted from this Windows code page to Unicode. This is especially true to applications written in Visual Basic 6. This is a system level setting and…


Silverlight in Dev10

Setup the environment (needs the matching language SDK installed on Dev10) –>Silverlight Tools V3 is not installable on top of Dev10 as Silverlight Tools V3 is intended to be installed on top of Visual Studio 2008. Install developer runtime if newer one doesn’t exist (can be installed from Uninstall SL3 SDK if exists and an…


Silverlight 3 localized versions are released!

Silverlight Tools This will install developer runtime and localized SDK. Traditional Chinese DEU ESN FRA ITA JPN KOR Simplified Chinese  


Silverlight V3 JPN is released.

JPN Silverlight 3 SDK is released at JPN Silverlight 3Tools is released at Users can install JPN SDK and SLTools on top of JPN Visual Studio 2008 + SP1 and create Silverlight apps. The skus’ that they can be installed on are VSTS, Pro, STD.


Silverlight V3 released to the public!

Check out,,, sites for details! Localized versions of Silverlight V3 SDK and SLTools are coming our way.


How to set different language locale on Windows Vista OS?

1.      If you need to install OS langpack, install MUI (OS langpack) on English Vista (go to Control panel->regional and Language Options->Keyboards and Languages tab->’Install/uninstall languages’ under ‘display language’ 2.      Go to Control Panel->Regional and Language Options    1. System Locale                 1.                …


Silverlight V3 Beta launched!

If you have JPN Visual Studio 2008 installed, you can install the Runtime which has Japanese resources inside and SLTools below and create the Silverlight apps targeting version 3. Runtime: Silverlight 3 Tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (Japanese): SDK (Japanese): Documentation (English): Blend 3 Preview (English):