Hello Azure!

Welcome to my new MSDN blog. I joined Microsoft a while back and from this point forward I'll used this space to blog about Microsoft technology in general and Azure specifically. My personal blog http://michiel.vanotegem.nl won't go away, but you'll likely find references to this blog there, and maybe some other non-Microsoft related stuff.

So what about the name of my blog? 20 years ago I started my own little company called IT Composer. When dealing with customers and when speaking at customers I often got the question "IT Composer, is that your company name or is that your job title?" The answer was: both. At the time the term (Software) Architect wasn't widely used yet, and even though we've got processes around IT that are very similar to manufacturing, I still think IT is a creative process. IMHO the term "composer" better reflects this than "architect" (although I don't want to imply architects are not creative!).

Even though my company no longer exists, I still identify with the term IT Composer. In fact, working with Azure I've found that composing your solution with the right Azure services is extremely important if you want to get the most benefits from Cloud computing and the Azure platform. Hence I've decided to stick with the IT Composer name, but with a twist because of my Azure focus.

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  1. Mahesh says:

    Welcome and good luck !
    Happy Composing 🙂

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