Building video application on Windows 8 – things you want to know

If you want to build video applications on Windows 8 platform, you may find this blog useful. We (Windows Azure Media Services team) ships Smooth Streaming Client SDK for Windows 8 and Microsoft Media Platform Player framework (MMPPF) in addition to Windows 8 Media Foundation to help you build rich media applications. Building Video application on Windows 8 – what are supported?  If…


What is Windows Azure Media Services

I am a program manager currently working on Windows Azure Media Services(WAMS) team. This blog is my first tempt for trying to explain what WAMS is. We released Windows Azure Media Services Preview in June 2012. Currently we offer a 90 days free trail period for developers. If you are a Azure subscriber, you have up to 1 TB encoding volume per…


Getting started with Windows Azure Media Services

This blog shows you how to request for Windows Azure Media Services Preview and create an account through Windows Azure portal. Sign up for the preview 1. Go to and obtain a free-trail account or login with your own account. 2. Go to and that’s where you could request for feature preview.  3. Click on Try it…


Building Windows Store Apps with Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2

Yesterday we announced the release of Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2 for Windows Store Apps.The Smooth Streaming Client SDK Beta 2 for Windows Store Apps enables developers to build Windows Store applications that can play on-demand and live Smooth Streaming content with or without Microsoft PlayReady protection. This blog is a walk-through for building a “Hello World” version…


Assign media url in code behind for SmoothStreamingMediaElement

In this short blog, I will talk about how to assign media url in code behind for SSME: SmoothStreamingMediaElement. For this code sample, I am not using Microsoft Media Platform: Player Framework v2.6. I am building the application from scratch using Silverlight Smooth Streaming Client v1.5. I hope this short blog will help you while debugging….


Smooth Streaming Cache Plug-in implementation

When you implement a video player, it is good to use cache to store played video fragments. Therefore, user doesn’t need to download manifest or data chunks from server multiple times. It saves network consumption for your users and reduce the latency since they don’t need to download from server all the time. Meanwhile, using cache…


Getting Started for building a smooth streaming client

There are two types of developments for building a Smooth Streaming Client: IIS Smooth Streaming Client 1.5 APIs : developers could utilize these APIs to build applications on Silverlight platform (runs on desktop,Xbox or Windows phone). These APIs is formally known as “Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit Microsoft Media Platform – Player Framework v2.6 : a…