Typing Speed Test

How to use this app? Click on “Start Test” Type Sample text in the text area To finish test click on “Show Result” This will display the test result Click on “Start Test” to try again How to change sample text? Click on “F5” near to help button. It will generate random sample text for typing test Privacy…


Fast Chart Privacy Statement

By using this App, you consent to be bound by these terms——-jqPlot——- http://www.jqplot.com/docs/files/gpl-2-0-txt.html————-Google Charts————-https://developers.google.com/chart/terms—–jsPDF—–http://jspdf.com/


Fast Chart

Fast chart Support Site.    Functionality: 1) Fast chart app provides different types of charts, it uses JQPlot and Google APIs. Charting is done on SharePoint List data. App contains Fully Immersive Page and app part which can be added to pages on Host web. 2) When App part is added to pages of host…


SharePoint List From SQL Server Table (External Content Type with SharePoint Designer)

Many time we need to show custom data in a SharePoint list and you do not have an option to store data in SharePoint list .In most of the cases your data source can be used in some other legacy system and you have centralized data in SQL server  table. Now challenge is to integrate…


JQuery Custom Plugin : Image Gallery With Slide Show :

I was creating an image gallery with slide show for my self  and then thought to create a JQuery pluging for this so that this code can be reused : ) .This plugin is very easy to use…most simple form of a Image Gallery. If you are new to JQuery , don’t want to go…


Creating A Drilldown Dashboard With SSRS

I was working on client’s requirement and needed to create a dashboard kind of report . The requirement was to create one chart and on click of it should show two other charts  in the same report . I was aware of of subreports in SSRS but the problem with subreports is that once u…


FOR XML Path ( SQL Server )

  For xml path gives you flexibility to generate xml from your database in the desired structure with less code . Believe me once you learn the xml path you will love this feature . So lets start with a simple customer  table , the schema of the table is as follows :   If…


Project Server : How To Run Project Server Workflow From Code

We  were working on a requirement where we wanted to create a Project in PWA and push it to a particular workflow stage through code. Creating the project is easy task and is implemented by QueueCreateMethod to create project . To Run the project workflow so that it can reach to  a particular stage we…