Determine which SharePoint 2010 Products and SKUs are installed

To determine which SharePoint 2010 Products are installed for the purpose of inventory or conditional code logic, you can interrogate the registry.

The screenshot below illustrates the keys that need to be evaluated.


The following table shows a GUID to SKU mapping that can be used to determine which products and SKUs are installed.

BEED1F75-C398-4447-AEF1-E66E1F0DF91E SharePoint Foundation 2010
1328E89E-7EC8-4F7E-809E-7E945796E511 Search Server Express 2010
B2C0B444-3914-4ACB-A0B8-7CF50A8F7AA0 SharePoint Server 2010 Standard Trial
3FDFBCC8-B3E4-4482-91FA-122C6432805C SharePoint Server 2010 Standard
88BED06D-8C6B-4E62-AB01-546D6005FE97 SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Trial
D5595F62-449B-4061-B0B2-0CBAD410BB51 SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise
BC4C1C97-9013-4033-A0DD-9DC9E6D6C887 Search Server 2010 Trial
08460AA2-A176-442C-BDCA-26928704D80B Search Server 2010
84902853-59F6-4B20-BC7C-DE4F419FEFAD Project Server 2010 Trial
ED21638F-97FF-4A65-AD9B-6889B93065E2 Project Server 2010
926E4E17-087B-47D1-8BD7-91A394BC6196 Office Web Companions 2010

In the screenshot above you can see that I have SharePoint Foundation 2010 and SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise installed.  If you have SharePoint Server installed you should always see SharePoint Foundation as well.  SharePoint Foundation is the free version of SharePoint meant for small department implementations or as the foundation for other applications built on top of it.  This means it is possible to see Foundation without server.

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