Sync Toolkit for Windows 8.1 and SQLite 3.8.2

Hi all; I have updated the full codeplex project to retargeting to Windows 8.1 : By the way, I ve made the references update of SQLite to target SQLite 3.8.2 This new release of the WinRT implementation of the Sync Toolkit will add some new features: Upgrade to support SQLite Version 3.8.2 Retargeting to…


Tutorial Part 3 : Create a first application with synchronization

(This tutorial is the rewriting of the codeplex documentation tutorial part 3) In this sample, we will create a first application with all the required features to be able to synchronize your device with an on premise database. Here is the source code (Source and database backup) : First of all, we need to…


SettingsFlyout awaitable

Hi; Today just a quick tip to create a SettingsFlyout awaitable SettingsFlyout is a new feature in Windows 8.1. To use it, just add a new item in your project, with the Setting Flyout Template: For this sample, i create a simple setting flyout item called SettingFlyoutItem 🙂 You can launch the flyout with some…


Envoyer un email depuis une application Windows 8.1 : Utiliser StreamSocket pour créer un client Smtp

Bonjour à tous; Aujourd’hui nous allons voir comment envoyer un email depuis une application Modern UI Windows 8.1 Il faut savoir qu’il n’existe pas encore dans WinRT d’API dédiée à la messagerie, l’espace de nommage System.Net.Mail contenant des classes comme SmtpClient ou encore MailMessage, n’existant que pour le Framework .NET


Sync toolkit for WinRT 8.1

Hi; As SQLite is still in preview for WinRT 8.1, I don’t have published a new Nuget package. If you want “test” the sync toolkit for WinRT 8.1, here is the documentation to install the preview version. You will find tutorials and setup steps here : Installing Sync Toolkit for Windows 8.1 As SQLite…


WCF Data Services for Windows Store Applications

The new version of WCF Data Services 5.6.0 is released since August 27 and now you will be able to make requests from a Windows store apps using both XML and JSON format. As I said previously in my “Data Access : N Tiers Data Considerations”, making a JSON query with WCF Data Services from…


Sync Framewok Toolkit For WinRT and Windows Phone 8. New setup and Nuget package

Hi all; I have made an update on the Sync Framework Toolkit for WinRT / WP8. You can find the new release on Codeplex. Here is the list of the new features / corrections bug : Upgrade to SQLite All the assemblies and samples have been upgraded for SQLite Don’t forget to update…


Packager un composant Windows Store apps avec Nuget. 2eme partie

Dans cette deuxième partie, nous allons approfondir les méthodes de création du package Nuget d’un composant WinRT. Pour rappel, vous pouvez consulter la première partie de cet article ici, où l’on aborde les bases de la création d’un package Nuget. Composant WinRT (*.winmd) Il s’agit ici de comprendre comment se comporte Nuget avec un composant…